When Jay Williams called his half court shot live on air 🔥😤 |

When Jay Williams called his half court shot live on air 🔥😤
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  1. ADoT L

    ADoT L

    As he's walking into the shot, "Yea that's good, count it"

  2. Jad Joaquin Quesada-Khoury

    Jad Joaquin Quesada-Khoury

    Doing it in that suit and shoes makes it way more impressive...

  3. Nick Otwembe

    Nick Otwembe

    Chris was so taken aback he started wondering if he owed Jay $100k. Lol

  4. im2hastyle


    Alot of yall don't know, Jay Williams was a sniper before that motorcycle accident.

  5. Uth O

    Uth O

    You can tell how talented these guys are just by how they dribble the ball. Former NBA players just dribble differently, the ball snaps right back to their hand.

  6. ΒΞΔΝ


    One of those "what if" stories. Happy Jay has been making a killing in his career post accident. He's a great analyst imo. brings great energy, can be funny af at times, and is a true student of the game.

  7. 인생은like candy

    인생은like candy

    Jay just flicked it, and it went half-court.

  8. HitmanLowe3


    I’m impressed by how he just flicked the ball up to the basket like it was a frisbee

  9. FLYG


    He didn’t even cross the half court line. That was like 4 - 5 feet behind it IN A SUIT!

  10. Suave Gang Official

    Suave Gang Official

    Jay “still got it” Williams



    The smooth walk before his shot even completely went in made it even cleaner

  12. Matthew C

    Matthew C

    J Will was one of the greatest college points guards I’ve ever seen. Too bad he bought that motorcycle.

  13. Shel


    Jay Williams before the accident smh, that’s how confident he played

  14. Adam Dior

    Adam Dior

    The man is in a full suit WITH the casual loafs on.

  15. wilwelaltijd


    When confidence and skill are in a perfect marriage 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  16. Colby Jack Johnson

    Colby Jack Johnson

    "This just in the Los Angeles Lakers have signed Jay Williams to a 10 day contract Shams reports, Williams just put up 3 points in the half time show at Virginia." - "We love the confidence Jay showed out there" said LeBron James"

  17. Dee Rob

    Dee Rob

    Man if he didn’t get hurt.. as a bulls fan I was excited to see how good he would have been

  18. Hawk 1

    Hawk 1

    Ppl don't know how NICE J Will was at Duke! Dude was a beast and his humor was MONEY!

  19. Uqisha Huntsman

    Uqisha Huntsman

    I watched His college highlights the other day and Jay Will was certified I forgot just how good he was he was a bucket.



    He definitely had that "wait a minute, did we bet" look in his eyes🤣🤣